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Can the last version of Evernote for BlackBerry 10 .bar file be made available outside of BlackBerry World?



This is a strange request, I know. I'm not even sure if this is the right place to ask.  If there is a better place, let me know. 

However, here is the reason for the request.

I am a past BlackBerry user.  Used a Z10 for 4 years after getting one in 2013.  I have moved on to several Samsung phones since 2017.  However, I keep my Z10 running connected only to wi-fi for no other purpose than to help the few poor folks on the CrackBerry forums who refuse to move on from a dead OS.  After all, the phones do still work on the cell networks that will have them. 

However, several upcoming events will be severely detrimental to the the usability of any BB10 phone, and the much older BBOS phones.  BlackBerry is finally shutting down the back-end servers for BIS (which BBOS relies on) and BBID and Protect (which BB10 relies on).  Also, there is the US shutdown of 3G by both AT&T and T-Mobile as they move to strictly VoLTE for voice calls - with Verizon waiting a little longer.  Since none of the BB10 phones support the version of VoLTE these carriers are using, they will all be wi-fi only devices by early next year.

The BlackBerry back-end server shutdown will also kill BlackBerry World for good (it's been in static mode for the past couple of years serving only the remaining free apps, and allowing updates only for apps that came installed as part of the OS). Evernote for BlackBerry 10 comes pre-installed as part of the BB10 OS.  However, there is an updated Evernote for BlackBerry that has been in BlackBerry World that is newer than the one in the last available OS.

For those who want to avoid having the BlackBerry server shutdown affect them, we have been able to remove our devices from BB Protect, and then set up the phones without BBID.  Unfortunately that also removes access to BlackBerry World, or any of our own backups.  Which leaves us with the stock apps as provided in the OS.

Is there any possibility of making the .bar file (the BlackBerry 10 native app install file) available to us outside of BlackBerry World?  The version in the last available BB10 OS is  The newer version in BBW is  It's version that I'm requesting.  We keep a running list on CrackBerry of native apps that have been made available to us by the few developers who even bothered to let us have them (there were never that many to begin with).  One app is still a paid app, but the developer of that app has provided a link to his site to download the app, then purchase the activation code to use it.

I know that Evernote officially ended support for BlackBerry and Windows phones back around 2017, I believe.  But the app still works, syncs with accounts, and integrates with the BB10 native Remember app.  That's why it's still useful. 

I realize it's long-shot asking this, but it's our only option.  I also understand if you can't or won't make it available.  It would probably be a miracle that anyone still has the file somewhere to begin with.


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