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Only starts after several repeated tries

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I have not been able to use Evernote on Mac for months. It almost always fails. I managed to clean my computer and reinstall the app yesterday (the newest version). It worked the first time, and now it can't open again unless I attempt multiple times.

Sorry, we're having trouble loading Evernote.

I can use it on my iPad and iPhone, but it's frustrating paying a premium price for a program that does not work seamlessly like it used to. 

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Hi.  Please post new queries in new threads.  I split this one off into a new query - you should be able to change the headline if it isn't correct.

When you cleaned your computer,  did you use something like Appcleaner to remove all traces of the previous installation?  If not,  I'd suggest you try again.  Plus we're a (mainly) user2user forum,  so if you're a subscriber,  please reach out to Support  - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

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