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Evernote Notebook Storage - Non local notebooks

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I did quite a bit of searching before posting here (both in the forums and googling), so please be kind if this has been answered before.

I'm on Evernote 10.20.4-mac-ddl-public (2893) on a MacBook Pro 16 (late 2019) running MacOS 11.5. I also use Evernote on Android and iPadOS.

I'm looking for information to:
1 - Understand the full picture of my cumulative storage needs (I don't use any local notebooks - all Evernote cloud)
2 - How notebooks are cached locally on each device - what % of the information locally without having to roundtrip to the cloud

Where do I look to see how much storage is being utilized in the Evernote cloud?

Where can I look to find out how much is cached locally?

Thank you!

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By default, little data is stored on mobile devices   
Just note metadata, and offline data waiting upload

With a 15k notes, 20GB database, my iPad use is 500MB

There is a mobile option to specify Offline Notebooks which will trigger the download of note data   
With desktop platforms, the option is all or none for offline storage

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On the Mac you can set the local storage of data for offline use. The switch is in the Evernote menu, preferences, „Keep data on leaving“. When it is set, EN downloads a full copy of your data and stores it on the main drive. You can check the size of it to know the size of your database.

AFAIK you can’t check it directly on the server. The information in the account is about the monthly upload, not the total size.

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