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(Archived) Import rtf/rtfd

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On the Mac, you can drag an .rtf file onto the Evernote icon in the dock, or onto a notebook in the UI, and it should make a new note with the content of that .rtf file.

This trick should work with files of type: rtf, rtfd, doc, txt, web archive, wav, mp3, or html

PDF support is coming soon.

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You may have attempted to drag the file into a note rather than onto a notebook. Currently, you can't drag into a note that you are editing, but we plan to address this in the near future.

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Seems to me this is actually a bug: even though the EverNote icon responds to dragged RTFD files, I found long ago that no note will be created.

A workaround that I have used is to convert RTFD to webarchive files, which you can then drag onto the EverNote icon. This conversion can be applied to multiple files at once using "textutil" at the command-line, e.g. "textutil convert webarchive *.rtfd" to create a webarchive corresponding to every rtfd in a particular directory. (Although it's unlikely to arise, make sure you don't have an existing webarchive with the same base name, in the directory because "textutil" will not warn before overwriting a converted file.) I've found that insofar as the RTFD files contain graphical types that are unsupported by, say, Safari/WebKit (such as PDF), but recognized by the Cocoa text system, you'll get warnings about unrecognized "mime" types in the console when you use this method to import files into Evernote (and these pictures will be replaced by question-marks in the notes that are created).

There's probably a way to do this with automator/applescript too.

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I am having trouble importing rtfd-files. The formatting (line spacing and fonts) get messed up. If I convert a rtfd to an rtf everything goes ok though. This is fine when I have no attachments in my rtfd-file, but when I do..

Is there still development with the rtfd-import? Btw, I am on a Mac.

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This is just part of the Mac client, since the Mac OS gives very easy native access to RTF data. On Windows, we'd need to write/license an RTF processing library, which we haven't done yet.

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Possibility for importing RTF is a "must have" feature for me for switching to Evernote (of course I would be use an premium account).

I work with Scribble Papers and I have ~ 1100 pages in RTF format.

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