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More ways to filter tasks would be great!



I noticed that I am able to filter tasks on the general "Tasks" pane.  This is a great feature!

Some ways I was thinking to extend off this feature:

  • Filter tasks by stacks as well as individual notebooks (i.e. the "school" stack will show all of my school deadlines)
  • The ability to use labels to sort tasks - for instance, I label a task or a note as "Urgent," then all of the tasks with that label get included in that filter.
  • Finally, a boolean search.  For instance, if I wanted to search in more than one notebook (OR) or exclude keywords (NOT)

Just some thoughts on how to make this great feature even better!

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You can probably do this, by filtering notes or using the advanced search syntax

You can restrict any search on notes with tasks, by using these commands:

  • contains:task
  • contains:taskCompleted
  • contains:taskNotCompleted

You can combine it with the „Tag:mytag“, „notebook:mynotebook“ or „stack:mystack“ commands to filter further down.

You can type commands into the search field, or you can apply filters through the filters dialogue box. This possibility is another incentive to keep the number of tasks low per individual note.

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Right - it will give you a list of notes with tasks. This is why I think it is more a workaround than a solution to directly filter tasks, which would be the more direct solution.

If it is 1 task per note, it will work best - the more tasks per note, the more manual searching remains.

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