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My tasks only seem to show up as notifications on the device they are created on?

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I expected when tasks was launched that the notifications would show up on all devices, but when I create a task on my Mac, it only seems to notify me on my Mac and not on my MacBook or iPhone or Apple watch. Has anyone else experienced this? It is quite annoying as I want to be reminded on the device to hand not just on the one where the task was created (unless I'm doing something wrong?

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I get full sync for tasks created on any of my platforms.  Windows desktop, iphone and ipad.  I don't use notifications often, but I do create notifications/reminders on my desktop client and they do show up on my iphone (as an evernote reminder, not a ios system reminder).  Have you updated your ios or ipados apps?  

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I have tasks on my PC version - but on my iPhone they show as "content not supported on this device" - so I assume they haven't rolled out an iOS verion which supports tasks yet 

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For iOS tasks were rolled out at exactly the same time as for all other platforms.

Check your iOS version, in the app settings, at the bottom of the screen. The actual version is 10.16.

If it is older, you need to update through the App Store. If it is already the new version, you can do this to solve problems:

Try to log out and back in

If this doesn’t work, uninstall EN, switch the iDevice completely off and on again and reinstall the app.

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