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Keyboard Shortcut for Expand and Collapse Note



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@LatinScribe Not in the forum - this place is mainly user2user.

If you want to contact EN, issue a support ticket, or use the feedback function.

PS: Given your attitude, I would know which item to push down to the bottom position of the backlog … the beloved or feared „eternity placement“.

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It is my personal opinion that forum users with an attitude of "how clever I am, how stupid are those devs" show a lack of respect. And usually they show a lack of insight as well, that disqualifies a person for the "clever" section of our breed.

Fortunately I am just another user - so no need to be afraid about getting your good suggestion accidentally dumped.

About EN staff visiting the forum: Whether they read and maybe even structure it, nobody knows. Some staff members show up from time to time, but usually for recently released features like tasks or calendar integration.

Personally I have no problem to reach out to support - but this may be an attitude issue again. A German proverb says "How you shout into the forrest, it echoes back". Maybe take some Jodel-lessons !

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