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Set Up Filter button in search results.

Randy Zeitman


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9 hours ago, Randy Zeitman said:

Set Up Filter button in search results.

I'm sorry I have no idea what that means. Could you explain please. You can filter the results of a search using the filter so I assume you mean something else.

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1 hour ago, Randy Zeitman said:

Yes, and after you've filtered let me make a button OF THAT FILTER action.

You can do this via a saved search. 

  • Filter the list
  • Press "Save search" (the ability to save a filter as a search has only been introduced recently)
  • Give it a name and tick "Add this saved search to shortcuts"

It will now appear in the shortcuts area so you can quickly click it to get the filter. In addition you can also access the search using the ctrl+<number> shortcut - ctrl+1 being the first in the shortcut list and so on.

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Well it seems you overestimate their ability to react on postings, code the ideas, run QA, make prerelease activities and release it.

Even for significant bug fixes - where the bug was positively brought by a certain release - EN typically took 2 release cycles (appr. 4-6 weeks) to correct it. It seems the „next“ release is already in QA and prerelease processing when a new version shows up.

To answer your question: The release of the possibility to save a search coded by the filters happened independently from posting the idea here. Such a coincidence does not make it a bad idea, it obviously has its merits and is a useful feature.

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6 hours ago, Randy Zeitman said:

Well it seems they read my suggestion!
I posted it on 9/1 ... was it added after that?

It wasn't unannounced in the release notes but it was in 10.20 which was released on 25 August before your post. It has been an issue raised throughout the life cycle of V10 (preview, beta and main release) so like @PinkElephantI can assure you that you don't have a god like ability to influence the development process. 😄


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