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Vertical Cornell Notes



I would really like to be able to use a template that has a vertical line on the left side. The Cornell template right now is not at all what I am looking for and does not help me organize ideas and thoughts in the same way. It also takes up way more space this way and doesn't align the ideas/topics with the correlated notes. 

I am brand new to Evernote and really wanted to switch over from Goodnotes 5 but trying to use this app is so frustrating!

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Get the template closest to what you think - or generate one from scratch.

When done, click on the 3 dots top right, and select "Save as template".

When you want to use it, create a new note. As long as it is empty (and only then), you see a button "Open gallery". Click on it, select "Own templates", click on the one you want to use. It opens in the new note - use it.

In general:

There are a lot of official tutorials on the Evernote YouTube-Channel. They explain functions, propose workflows, all that stuff. The good is: Most are very focussed, just a minute or a little more. So you can watch it and apply it directly. No need to watch for hours an hours.


Or make use of the help database on the evernote.com website.

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