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Assigned Tasks not showing up (on Android) as assigned

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I just upgraded to Professional to use assigned tasks...

...but on both of my Android devices (Tablet SM-T870) and Phone SM-F707B) the assigned tasks just get dumped in the unassigned list. I tried reinstalling on my phone, but it didn't help.


Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas to help?



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I've been playing around trying to figure out when the problem happens and when it does not. Now I see that:

Lessons I've learned from testing:
  • upper v lower case in email address matters for assigning tasks. It should not matter, right?
  • When I assign tasks on any device, they are now grouped by person in assigned task view ON MY PC, which is great.
  • When I assign tasks on any device, they are grouped on every device IF ASSIGNED TO MYSELF
  • When I assign tasks on any device they are not grouped on phone or tablet. This is a real problem.
  • Fake email addresses work as above (like rob@rob.rob) at least for a short while.
  • None of the above depends on whether the assigned person has an Evernote account or not.



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