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How to setup notes structure similar to OneNote


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I used Evernote many years ago but switched to Microsoft OneNote and have decided to come back and try this again

In OneNote I have been using the following structure:

  1. Create a NOTEBOOK and label it with e.g. business name
  2. Create several TABS within a notebook e.g. label tabs with services I offer
  3. Create several PAGES within each tab which allows me to take notes on each service in more detail

This procedure has been super smooth and finding any notes/data tends to be far quicker than actually searching for it

How can I create a similar structure in OneNote?

This is the most important thing for me 


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Hi.  Evernote is -obviously- not OneNote and has a different structure;  so there are three options that I see - 

Option One

  • Create a Stack for business name
  • Create Notebooks within that stack for services
  • Create Notes to hold the detail

Option Two

  • Create tags for <business> and <service01>, <service02> etc
  • As you make notes on any given service,  apply the appropriate tags.

Searches are possible for tags,  as in "tag:<business> tag:<service02>" to isolate the relevant notes.

Option Three

  • Some combination of the above.
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