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Use TouchID for KeyChain access?

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I tried that about as much as it seems you tried to read my original question!

I specifically stated I do not want to 'Always Allow'.


I guess you are one of those people who simply answers lots of questions with responses that are not helpful so that you can get 'badges' or level up on forums.

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There is no function for EN desktop clients to control the access to the app separately from the Macs user account access. When the user account is open, the app starts without further check.

You can log out of your EN account before closing the app. Then your login data will be requested when starting. Depending on your login method you may be able to use TouchID there. With my EN user ID I couldn’t.

Since you seem to prefer a more condensed communication:


And because you are no fan of forum posts:

No more answers by me to this thread.

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