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Can't login to Evernote on any device



The forum only allows me to post to this discussion- Home Dashboards- which has nothing to do with my issue. Just another problem I'm having with Evernote!

I have only been able to login to my free account one time since you redid the homepage. Now, I can't login on any device. It says on some devices that I have too many devices logged in, which I actually fixed the one time I was actually able to successfully login, and now it says I've reached my limit on the number of times I can change devices. I just want Evernote on my computer (mac) and ipad but Evernote won't save my changes. So now I have zero access on any device. And they don't all say the same thing. The device that I've unauthorized (my iphone) says there are too many devices logged in, and so does Safari on my mac. On my ipad and Firefox on my mac, the homepage will load but then if I click on anything within Evernote, it goes to another page saying there was an error. Both my ipad and mac have the latest version of Evernote and yes, I've closed the app and restarted the computer to no avail. This is so frustrating. Please help.

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You exhausted your limit of unsyncing as well as your allowed devices.

There are still 2 devices synced - if you don't know which they are, or if they are old devices that no longer exist, then you are effectively locked out.

Your options are:

  1. Wait 30 days until the unsync limit is lifted automatically. Then be more careful to leave active devices synced and accessible.
  2. Subscribe for a month to Personal (which is the most affordable subscription), this lifts the limits right away. You get 10GB of upload as well, if you want to use it. Just make sure that at the end of your month, you have everything set up to fall back to Free without a problem.
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