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Removing notes in the Shared With Me menu.

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I've searched through the forums on this topic but have not found a conclusive answer.

I have notes shared with another party I can no longer contact. They are in the Shared With Me menu. It was suggested that I delete the conversation in the Work Chat. I've done this but the notes are still showing as shared and I need a way to disconnect/remove them. H

Has anybody had any success with this?

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Hi.  If these are 'incoming' notes shared with you,  then all you can do is move them to an Archive notebook so they're out of the way.  It is a bug and Evernote are supposed to be working on a fix.  If the notes are shared by you with others,  then going to the 'share' setting on each note individually should allow you to stop sharing.

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There is a thread in the Issues forum. This is, apparently, by design at present with the intention of giving you an historic list of notes shared with you - even if they are no longer available. The function is under review...


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