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Evernote getting it right... How many times?

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With a lot of others,  I've been bashing the new and unloved Evernote v10 for the past several months as pretty useless.  So I figure it's only fair if I add a compliment or two from time to time.

I've been limited to Evernote Web access from my Linux laptop,  ever since I lost access to my Evernote Linux Beta trial (my fault,  not theirs) which ,  actually,  was bringing me around to liking the new features.  The web,  not so much.  It's (still) frequently slow and apt to lock up for unacceptably long times.  But today when I was obliged,  reluctantly to log in,  it surprised me by being there without the previous long waits.  And when I found the note I needed I selected it,  and another,  for tagging.  But hold on:  what's this weird fork-looking icon in the options panel?  It's only Note Merge in the web client!  And when you opt to merge,  you can choose what order your notes are added,  and what overall title the composite note will show!  

That,  to my Evernote-obsessed little mind is huge!

And then,  when I was trying to find the exact part of the note I needed,  and opened 'search within note' there's suddenly a 'replace with' option as well as the basic find!!

Now it's quite probable that I've been preoccupied with my own troubles and haven't been reading feature updates as closely as I should,  but I hadn't realised that things had taken such massive steps forward (IMHO) with web features.

Anyone else noticed more of these 'secret' upgrades in the web client?  Or anywhere else?

Well done by the way to Evernote and the team for upgrading the features in some style. 

Now if you could just make it all work a leetle faster?  B)

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This is great to read, @gazumped, as I am a big "note merger" and it was one of the immediate turn-offs when I trialled v10 last year. If it's in the web interface, might that mean it'll appear in Electron v10 desktop also?


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4 hours ago, avevers said:

If it's in the web interface, might that mean it'll appear in Electron v10 desktop also?

Sorry - can't help you there. I haven't installed the new versions yet.  It should mean that the desktop client has the same process - all clients are supposed now to have the same access;  but we'll have to wait to see whether anyone else can confirm.

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Can confirm merge works this way on desktop (Mac, Win and Linux). We recently ported the functionality over to Evernote for Web after taking care of some back end work to enable it. Adding a new title and note reordering were some improvements we added when bringing the feature back last year--glad you like them!

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I've been a chromebook-only user for years now (because being self employed means choosing your own OS!) and EN web functionality compares very well against competitors. Definately needs right click functions, tho. Lost count of the number times I'm right clicking on stuff and pulling up the browser menu. It really knocks you out of flow for a few seconds.

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The right click menu is a browser standard. Probably it could be modified, but I think it is not that simple. My menu has some individual elements, but they are all from apps installed on the computer, or by browser extensions.

The web client is running without any need to install something to the computer or browser. You only need your login data, and off you go.

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