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Is Web Clipper Dependable After Clipped Content's Links No Longer Exist?

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I need some reassurances.  

Since I'm closing my old SmugMug website to build my new website (on an unrelated platform), I used Web Clipper to capture "Simplified Articles" and sometimes "Full Pages" to preserve descriptive content from my old website just in case I want to use it on my new website.  So will my Web Clipped content still be available in my Evernotes even after the links become dead?

Is there anything else I should make certain I do before I close out my old website?  

Thank you in advance!

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Hi.  Your web clipped content will continue to be available,  since it is a copy of the original,  saved independently as part of your Evernote database.  A couple of caveats - don't rely on Clipper for large images;  the clipped version may be a lower-resolution,  smaller version;  and don't just clip and run - make sure your clip has been successful... Clipper sometimes has trouble accessing a page.

Can't advise you on anything other than that - I don't know what your move involves,  and I'm not exactly an expert in page migration anyways.  Good luck!

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