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SSL error: Settings -> Account -> Devices (and crashes in app generally)

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When I go to:
    Settings -> Account -> Devices
I see the attached SSL error.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled.  Same issue.

A more annoying and much larger symptom I'm also experiencing is random crashes in the app.  The app "reliably" crashes after about a minute of use.

Perhaps these are related, perhaps not.  But the screenshot attached certainly doesn't seem right.


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I'm sorry to say that you possibly haven't provided enough detail to provide much insight.  I'd recommend a support ticket. SInce this isn't being reported widely I'd anticipate an SSL error originating nearer to your side of the Internet connection. Does it happen when you are connected via WiFi only or do you get the same issue with mobile data?

Have your tried restarting you device?

An SSL error at the Evernote end would create issues for all users.

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