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Note Linking Stopped Working


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I am on Windows 10 using latest version. As of a couple days ago the note linking to Google Calendar stopped working. I have deleted calendar widget and re installed on home page multiple times with no success. I tried going to templates and linking a template I have and that does not work either.  Any suggestions?

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18 minutes ago, Enomis65 said:

It happened to me too. I logged out and logged back in and the link worked. Good luck!

I would have suggested that too before going nuclear - logging out or restarting will often fix occasional glitches.

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Gazumped.. thank you for your reply... I know the forums are for user to user... I was merely attempting to see if a user had similar issue and quick fix...last support ticket I submitted took more than a week to resolve so wanted to check here first as support suggests to check here first

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