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Tasks could be more useful with features like a details text-area, links, and multiple assignees



👋 Ahoy,

We like Evernote, currently testing it out to see how well it can replace our current Team+Project Management tools. 

Tasks are essential to workflow, and they are cleverly used in Evernote, but there are a few simple things that should be improved so we can utilize them better. 

We noticed that with Checklists, we can add links to the items, but this is not possible with Tasks.

We feel that tasks would be more useful if we could do the following.

  1. Add links, the same way we can with Checklists. (in the title and details field if one is created)
  2. Assign more than one assignee to the task.
  3. Details field. Sometimes there is a need to add more information to the Task, and not have to clutter the Task Title field.

Hopefully this is a useful feature request. 


Fair Winds,

Nord SEO

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The concept behind tasks is that tasks rest in notes. They are not an independent entity.

You can add everything you mentioned (and more) into the note, and use the task as an active pointer to it.

This is a workaround based on the current setup. Beside it we have several voting threads in the forum to enrich the tasks feature.

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To Nordseo re the "multiple assignee" workaround:


When one is within a ntoe and has an existing task and presses enter, EN sets up to create a new task.

So one could copy the text of a task, press Enter, paste the copied info, then replicate the due date, reminder & flag status from the original task but enter a different assignee.

The tasks themselves aren't directly linked, but they all would point back to the same note, so one could monitor all of the assignees from there. Also, if the task to the multiple assignees has the same due date or all, the tasks would display reasonably close together in the Tasks window if viewed by date (same due date). Even if they don't have the same date, the tasks would be sequential if the Tasks list is viewed by note (since they are in the same note).

If one had dozens of assignees this workaround would be unwieldy, but I imagine that isn't a frequent need. 

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Supervising the assigned tasks works AFAIK very good on Professional and on Teams.

If I would have a need for it myself, I would not think a second about spending 2 bucks a month. I would simply go for it.

But this does not solve the problem that the tasks themselves do not hold much information.

The task manager I use (Things 3, which is strictly for a single person, not for sharing tasks) just went the other way: Introducing notes, attachments and even markdown to the task management. Here the tasks are in the lead, all the rest is sort of attached to them.

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