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REQUEST: "Format Painter"



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I have been a free tier user for several years. But while I harbor some guilt that I'm not a paying user, Evernote really annoys me when it comes to making formatting easy. I accept resorting to workarounds as a free user, but I'll not pay for a service that does not get basic document formatting right. 

My use case: I like to keep some notes in one file (note, sorry)  that I add to periodically. An example, is a running meeting minutes note with a particular customer. Much faster and clearer  for me to scroll back back through a note for older minutes during a call than having to search multiple notes in a notebook. I use different font sizes to make these minutes sections stand out for scrolling purposes. I really miss having a format painter for applying consistent format to sections of content made, often hastily, during a call.

For me, this feature is only needed in browser/desktop views. I'll upgrade to the paid tier if you get this done. Thanks.

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💩 and eggplant emojis, and a special button just for coding-specific formatting, but I can't apply text format from "over here" in my note to "over there" in my note? Holy Cow - the only text editing software I own without that rudimentary feature is NotePad, whose main purpose in my life is to *prevent* formatting. What a low bar that is.

After using EN intermittently for more than a decade, I assumed my inability to format gracefully was just because I had not learned the features (though not having a button was suspicious). How disappointing to come here to educate myself and find several ten-year-old threads with dozens of polite, articulate, and consistent requests for this specific feature - never implemented, or even remarked on, by EN. Just 10 years of crickets. 

+1 for me

And boo to whoever is ranking the features.  I have to infer you need 💩 more often than you need text formatting - I absolutely do not understand your workflow. 

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