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Search not working like I believe it should.

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I am searching all content for the word "Qnap". I have notes where I have "myqnap.com" and :Qnap" by itself. It finds only one instance of qnap and the other 5 or 6 are ignored. I have seen this on several other searches and am beginning to think I have indexing problems. I have tried "content: qnap" no results. "any: qnap" no results. "qnap" in quotes no results. also does not work on my Samsung phone. Any ideas? I really like this program but I have to be able to search successfully. 

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They won't change it - fine with English where the main vocabulary sometimes seem to be 4-letter-words, not so good if you are on a language that happily combines words to create new meanings. But this way of building the search index is deeply ingrained into how EN builds the index.

Better to take it as it is - or use another tool, if is suits you better.


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57 minutes ago, Hans Geurtsen said:

I noticed the same. Good to know that this is 'by design'. They should change their design then. One more reason to switch to OneNote, where searching finds anything containing the string you are searching for...

I think you should be careful what you wish for. The example of "qnap" in the original post is probably fairly safe as it is not a common fragment in English. To use "car" as an example. If you look at only the 85,000 most common words in the British National Corpus there are 164 which contain the letters "car" but don't start with them. There are another 229 which start with the letters car but there I can search for "car " to find only the exact word.

I suppose an option would be ok or the introduction of a more sophisticated regex search to allow very specific criteria to be found.

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Our problem with our beloved German language is that it combines words to a long one, compressing all of the meaning of half of a sentence into a word.

"DonauDampfSchiffahrtsDampferKapitänsMützenEmblem" (it would be written with only 1 capital letter, at the beginning, I capitalized all new words contained) means "the badge on the cap of the captain of a ship of the steam boat service on the danube river". EN will only find "Dona.....", none of the other key words.

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On 8/27/2021 at 10:24 AM, PinkElephant said:

Search is by design only finding text at the beginning of a word.

This is in EN since long, nothing new here with v10.

If you want to find stuff independently from searching for words, start to use tags.

There is one exception: EN does find sub-strings in Titles

Edit: even in titles it doesn't always work as expected.

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