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Device Revoke

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I ran out of "revokes" when I installed Evernote on a new work computer. It happened like this: Log in to Evernote looking for the download. 2-device limit reached. Revoke old computer. Done. Then I realized there is a web-based version that I just wasted that revoke on. After I downloaded the Evernote app I had to revoke the web-based version. Now I don't have any more Revokes. Does that mean for the rest of my life I can never use Evernote on another device? What if I need a new phone? I actually do need a new phone. It's 3 years old. I don't want to pay for Evernote right now, but I used up both of my "revokes" in 10 minutes trying to download Evernote on a new device. I'm sure the Evernote community can help get one of these "revokes" reset or talk me down that I can revoke later after 30 days, 6 months, or something.

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This is one of the joys of using the Free account. The limit was introduced after there were „clever“ users in the past jumping devices permanently, to circumvent the device limit. So EN decided to enforce it.

Your options:

Wait for 30 days, the restriction will reset itself then

Buy a Personal subscription (the cheapest subscription currently offered), for a month. This will reset the restriction at once.

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