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(Archived) TIP: Clean out useless receipts from your wallet!

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Is your wallet full of restaurant receipts? On one hand, you want to keep the receipt to reconcile with your statement to make sure the restaurant didn't accidently charge you 100 dollars for your 10 dollar tip, on the other hand, it's taking up serious space and making your wallet a mess.

This is what I do:

Using the iphone app Genius Scan, I take a picture of the receipt. Send the picture to my evernote account by e-mail, in the subject I type the name of the restaurant and the final amount that should be charged. Done, Not only do you have organized receipts, you can quickly check it against your statement to make sure the numbers add up.

I use genius scan because it has a built in crop and straighten feature that corrects the perspective effect so you don't have to be perfect when lining up the picture. It also has a built in B&W enhancement that maxes the contrast and discards color making the image smaller, easier to send.

No more receipt clutter, you can just toss out the customer copy.

I'd do it with merchandise receipts too, but many stores require the original receipt, so you have to keep them.

Bonus, you can also track your monthly restaurant spending simply by filtering by date range in the search.

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