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a similar question has not popped up in my search. Mods please merge if this is a duplicate question.

at the moment a task can be created with a due date, reminder, flag, assign, and attach to a note.

I presume it would nice to have an option to create just a  task and assign tags! Really don't know if this feature exists! It can be kind a of modularity; even though the tasks may come up with notes while selecting a tag. 

For example, if just an item list without note(by default it goes to To Do List) can be set using tags.

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There are no tasks outside of a note. 

Either the task is inside of any note where you assigned it, or it automatically goes into the default tasks note where tasks without notes are collected.

For tagging a task it o my makes sense when it is assigned to another note, not to the  default.

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22 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

when it is assigned to another note, not to the  default.

I have used the "Move Task" just for the purpose @PinkElephantmentions.  Since a "Search for note" dialog appears after choosing "Move Task", one thing this topic got me to try that I had not before - searching by tag vs. note title or note content.  No luck.... perhaps in a future release.



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