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New Phone - Notes All Gone

Wendy S


I currently have two devices on my Evernote account, but I just recently got a new phone and my notes on my phone are all gone. They are still on my iPad but I can’t figure out how to sync my two devices so that I can access my notes from my phone. I know that Evernote is strict about the two devices on the free plan so I don’t want to do anything to drop my phone just to add it back. But is that what I have to do? I tried syncing but nothing happened. And I can’t find a customer support number anywhere. If anyone knows how to help me I’d really appreciate it. Thank you. 

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First make sure your login data is correct. If it is wrong, you create a new, empty account.

If iPhone1 and iPad are working, and you want to add iPhone2, set up the new phone. It is better if you give it a distinctive name. Install the EN app to it, but don’t log in yet.

Go to the old iPhone, make sure it is fully synced (settings-synchronization), then log out of the EN client.

Open EN on the iPad, go to settings, account, devices and revoke the iPhone1. There must be only one device left, the iPad.

Now open the app on iPhone2. Log in, it should confirm and start the initial download. Wait until this has executed before using EN.

You can delete the app from your old iPhone now.

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