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Hello, Can someone explain, how to find the size of my notes ? For example each plan defines the limit of the note size - FREE plan allows 25 MB note size, Personal Plan allows 200 MB note size etc. At any given time, how can I find out my actual note size. Please explain. Thanks. Badri

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Thanks for your quick reply PinkElephant. Appreciate it. The "Note Info" in the pull down menu of the 3 dots gives the size of that individual note. That's really good. But there's no way to get the size of all the notes in my account, unless you manually add them up. 

Another question I would greatly appreciate your clarity on this. Each plan has a specific note size limit. The FREE account's note size is 25 MB, the Personal Plan note size is 200 MB. Does this mean the individual notes size limit as 25 MB or 200 MB ? OR the total size of all the notes in my account ? This would help me to organise my notes in a better way. Hope to hear from you. Thanks. Badri

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20 minutes ago, Badri said:

Does this mean the individual notes size limit as 25 MB or 200 MB ? OR the total size of all the notes in my account ?

Individual note size limit   
There's also a monthly upload limit, but no limit to all the notes in your account


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DTLow: Thanks for your input. So the individual note size limit is 25MB or 200 MB depending on the plan subscribed. So, if that size exceeds then you have to take up the higher plan or split the note into multiple note within the specified limit. Am I right ?


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If you try to add a note that exceeds the plans size, it will not upload. If you are on Free and frequently handle larger notes, you can upgrade.

There is another reason for that: The total amount of uploading per month is limited. On Free it is a total of 60MB. So you can’t even upload 3 maximum sized notes. 

On Personal it is 10 GB per month, on Professional 20 GB. Not only the note size is larger, you can upload much more.

To store a lot of stuff while on Free, you can put the files into Google Drive, and only insert the link into the note.

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Thanks PinkElephant for your valuable inputs using the links from Google Drive. I was on FREE Plan and suddenly it moved to Personal Plan. My subscription is due now and I want to move back to the FREE Plan by reducing/splitting the notes size within the limit of the Free Plan. So, this interaction has been very helpful in organising myself before the renewal date comes. Please confirm if my understanding is correct: 

1) I limit the individual notes size to 25 MB in Free Plan

2) There's no restriction on the number of notes that I may have in Free Palan other than the 25MB note size & 

3) restrict myself to the total number of uploads per month. 

If I stay within this limit, I can stay on Free Plan. Please  confirm if my understanding is correct. Thanks

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This is my understanding - as another user.

You will be able to view larger notes when on Free - but you can’t change them, because changing means uploading.

Keep this in mind as well when on Free: If you open and change a large note, it can eat a big part of your monthly upload.

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