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(Archived) Zoom out and search hi-lite: probs in the latest beta


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I am in the middle of taking a few screenshots to update a weblog article on evernote with info on the android client and ran into problems I didn't notice before. As far as I remember, search result highlighting was working before, wasn't it? Or am I confusing this with my windows client experience?

Also, apart from the reported bug where tag auto complete does not work anymore, I can not zoom out enough from an image anymore. Where I could view the whole image before, now I am stuck with a max. zoom out which has me pan around the view like mad. Is that a bug or intended? If deliberate, I find it pretty annoying.

All in all, I feel like going back to the official 2.0, would I have to just uninstall and download from the market again? Because, I think I am on the latest beta only, because my 2.0 installation came from a previous beta and now I am getting the latest beta releases which I actually do not want...^^

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As for searching issue, it is a defect and we are working on it. It starts happenning when we changed the code in note list. We will also add more enhancements later on (I think, during Dec)

Tag auto completed is fixed and is in QA now. We should have an update build this week here.

As for image, we do try to get the image to work in "fit to screen" button. But it doesn't "fit" horizontally. We are working to re-solve it. For now, if you choose menu\"original size", and then menu\"Fit to screen". then press zoom out "-" button twice. You will see the whole image.

Thanks for your feedback and we will resolve the issues as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

The suggested workaround for seeing the whole picture again does not work. I am on an x10 mini pro, might that be a problem?

Anyway, I am glad these things are being fixed and I am eager to check the next release!

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strangest thing: since my re-install the android client seems to have stopped syncing properly, i.e. I have three notes in my note list on the android client which do not show up in the windows client (win client says it is synced 100%) and I can't see the thumbnails for those notes (full pics in the single note view are there, however).

What is this?

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