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(Archived) Print -> "Save PDF to Evernote" yields unsearchable PDFs?



When I use the PDF drop-down on the print dialog and select "Save PDF to Evernote", it looks like the resulting PDF is indeed added to my Evernote database, but its contents are not searchable (I am a premium member). I looked through the forums for any discussion of this topic, and found none. Am I doing something wrong? I would have expected a searchable PDF since within evernote's own viewer, I can selected individual letters/words/sentences (i.e. they don't simply get rendered as graphics within the PDF document).


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I use the "print PDF to Evernote" from the print dialog that pops up on the Mac OSx when printing from just about anything - Word for Mac, Safari ... anywhere that I could normally print something from an application. Like this (note the "Save PDF to Evernote" option on the drop-down):




I haven't tried much of the drag-n-drop behavior of PDF from the deskstop, but the few times I remember trying that they seemed to be searchable. I don't know that I've ever printed a PDF to the desktop and then dragged it into Evernote...

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I've been reading how to Save PDF to Evernote on my mac, but I don't get a "Save PDF to Evernote" option in the print menu, as in the screenshot above. Any idea how I set this up?

did you install Evernote from the Mac App Store maybe, kezzadp?

The "Save PDF to Evernote" is one of the few features that had to be removed from the Mac App Store version of the binary, unfortunately.

Not sure if it can be installed in a quick way, quicker than downloading the full binary from the Evernote website and installing that version instead of the one from the Mac App Store.

Ciao, Luca

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