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Request for automatic tag creation

Larry Kelly


Hi -- I don't believe this is currently a feature that's available, but I could be wrong (searched forums/help and found nothing that seems to mention).  If it's not available, I wanted to submit as a feature request.

Is there a way to have Evernote automatically add one or more tag's to a note based on a set of conditions?  One simple condition that I'm thinking about in particular is having a note automatically get a tag or set of tags added based on the notebook the note was created in.  For instance, I have a "To-Do" notebook for things I need to do.  When I create a new note in that notebook it would be very handy to have that note automatically get the "To Do" tag assigned to it.  I currently have to manually assign that tag.  I do understand that with the notebook's it does allow for additional search capability beyond just the tag,  but I believe this would allow better searching across notebooks. 

I would also envision a "assign tag's based on condition's" page in Evernote, where you could control the conditional's for automatically assigning tags.  Some condition's could be: assign tag or tag's based on the notebook (mentioned above), assign tag's to notes based on specific keywords in the title (or possibly even in the note itself although that may be a bit much), assign tag's based on either date or day of the week (maybe my ToDo notes created during weekend have a "weekend" tag, assign tag's based on other tag's that have been assigned to a note, etc.  One really nice side feature of doing this would be the possibility of automatically adding a "Over Due" or "expired" type of tag to notes that have specific tags such as "to do," that do not have a tag such as "completed," and are past a certain date.  I could then search for all "Over Due" tag's across all notes and notebooks and easily see a list of everything I need to still do. 

Note that I am using the word assign for tag's, but I really mean add or include - as I would want these tag's added to tags that I may have already assigned manually.  Although, maybe another conditional could be set up to automatically remove certain tag's as well based on certain conditions.

Anyway - congratulations on a very nice product, I exclusively use Evernote for any notes or "to do's" that I have - it has saved me in time and effort over and over again!  


    -Larry Kelly

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