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Paying more for gutting features

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Increasingly, downloading an Evernote update means adding a bunch of features you may never use, and gutting features you use every day. While edging me towards a Professional account; why?

Why gut the Business Card and contact management feature of Evernote when it is so vital to the overall package? There are tons of other notepads out there. Yes there are other business card scanning apps and I've never seen one regress so poorly.

This time, with a recent update, you can't scan the backs of business cards. Which may only be useful for the majority of the world that lives in Asia.

This after ending Linkedin Connections - ok maybe this came with the Microsoft acquisition?
How about e-mail introductions? This, also, some IOS or other limitation?

I'm baffled. Am I missing some workaround? Definitely cancelling with scores of other coworkers, just about had enough.

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You can easily scan the back of a business card: Open the note created by scanning the front, tap +, tap camera, scan, done.

The LinkedIn integration was severed by Microsoft - a company not famous for sharing.

The current Personal plan has every feature of the former Premium, plus some. If it was sufficient for you, there is no need to upgrade to Professional.

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I was on an annual plan, so isn't the pricing going up with the current plans offering?

I tried scanning before, and now as well, and it creates a NEW contact from scanning a business card

if I scan as a Document/Color then I can add to the existing contact. Still a workaround compared to when scanning front AND back were both supported...

And still no reason email introductions was deprecated... as far as I can tell...

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What do you mean by „email introductions“ ? Subscribers can send email to their accounts, and send emails from their account. What else do you want ?

There is an annual price as well, rebated as well. EN promised to keep prices stable in local currency as well.

I use another app for business card  scanning. It is the same logic, the front side is scanned and OCRed, then a visual picture of the back is added, no OCR. And this is an app dedicated to business card scanning. EN does the same - and it OCRs all information, not only what it extracts to the contact fields.

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In the IOS (iPhone and iPad) apps you used to scan in a business card, and in the preferences could auto-connect via linked in, as well one-touch "email introduction". It would send an email from your defined email address to that contact. You couldn't change that template, but if someone wasn't on LinkedIn, which many weren't especially in Asia, you could send the email introduction. That feature has been gone since v10

If EN is superior at business card scanning as you say, why do you use another app?

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This LinkedIn feature was removed years ago. After Microsoft bought LI, they stopped all access of 3rd party apps. If you used this feature (and are not only collecting features like flowers) you must have noticed this back then.

This has nothing to do with any recent changes of the EN Plans, or the introduction of v10.

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Email Introductions is separate from the Linkedin feature which was already discussed. It was removed from the app at some point after the LinkedIn feature was removed; I think with v10. It is as I described. Of course now you could use the email address recorded from the business card, which acts as a mailto link, but that passes to the defaulter email account and client on your phone, which may be different from the sender you'd like in an email introduction. Which was what was great about the old, deprecated feature.

And no, I'm not collecting features like flowers. But I'm trying to justify renewing Premium when several features have gone away and are not coming back

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Another example of feature deprecation; No more Contact syncing whether OS X or iOS

This one is obviously a huge benefit/need 

I would like to cancel to the free account, but that apparently disables business card scanning. What the plea to not cancel doesn't detail is how much this very features has been completely gutted and made far inferior to almost any other out there


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If you need a full b.c. scanner with bells and whistles: Get one. The AppStore has plenty of them.

If you just found out what you tell: The link to contacts was missing when v10.0 released 1 year ago. It is nothing new.

If you need a subscription: See for yourself. You just got a nice checklist, it seems.

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As with any complex product, you can make a long list of what was there and isn’t any longer. Don’t forget to make the opposite list as well: What was added, not available in prior versions. And in the end every user needs to make up his own mind, based on his preferences.

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