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Suddenly when I view my notes, the font size and picture size is super small and unreadable

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Notes that were created months or years ago and were appearing fine when created and even up until a couple of weeks ago are now completely unreadable as the font size whilst not changed technically, it appears ridiculously small. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I'm sorry, what do you mean by "If you genuinely are an Evernote Teams user". I pay for and use Evernote - is that what you mean?

I'm using a HP Envy laptop and Evernote Legacy ( (309198) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)) because the new Evernote corrupted my notes as it took away certain features/formatting.

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EN Teams is a special plan, made for use in companies and other organizations. From your answer I assume you are not on that plan, you just picked the wrong subforum.

Can happen …

And no - even when using legacy and v10 in parallel there have been no font size changes on my account.

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5 hours ago, Nicole Knight said:

I pay for and use Evernote

As you're a subscriber,  you can definitely use the link I posted to get hold of Support - we're mainly other users here.  You should find though that if you hold Ctrl and use the "+" key,  you can zoom in on your text.  Don't know why it might have zoomed out in the first place,  but I'm also a 6.25 user with no problems on text size.  I moved your post to the correct forum for Windows and 6.25 (hence my confusion earlier...)

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