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[Feature released in Version 10.20] 'Swipe left to go home' is an infuriating feature



Updated to the latest version (android, mobile) to quit getting the notification but wish I hadn't. Not only is it buggy when I try to edit (freaks out and starts rapidly scrolling up and down, frequently won't allow me to select text, etc) but a new 'swipe to close' feature has made even trying to just read notes a challenge. I'll be reading a note and accidentally scroll the wrong way and the note will close, forcing me to reopen and scroll back through long documents only to accidentally close it again moments later. What's more is that this function is incompatible with template tables, rendering them unusable. 

Is there a way I can disable this feature? 

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Welcome here. You are not alone. This new "feature" gives a hard time to me as well. Imho this is rather a bug than a feature.  I hope this was not added intentionally by the UX team because this lowers the accessibility for disabled people. If you cannot move your fingers smooth enough you have no chance to scroll down a note anymore.

To your question: there is unfortunately no option to deactivate. 

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Agree. For me, this UI behaviour is making Evernote simply not fit for use. Editing a note on Android is now pretty much impossible, at the point I'm seriously considering moving to other platforms.

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