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Evernote Premium - Unable to use tasks

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I am an evernote premium user. I was able to use tasks almost till a week back. When I checked today, it suddenly says "upgrade". In my "account" section, it still says "Evernote Premium". What does it mean to "upgrade"?

Screenshot 2021-08-21 at 11.31.57 PM.png

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It means, I think, that you are on an old subscription package so your package didn't qualify for the update to Personal. You get to keep that price but without tags and calendar. To get these with the new packages you will have moved to the current pricing structure.

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In other cases reported in the forum, the user upgraded through the same channel as the original subscription - for example iTunes. He paid the full price for the new subscription.

Apple then automatically refunded what was not used from the old subscription a few days later to the iTunes account.

If in question you can contact support.

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Can you please share the email address of Evernote support? I can't seem to find it in my account help section anymore. Even that was removed for old Evernote Premium user.

Holding off features is one thing. But support too? This is too much I think.

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9 hours ago, davey64 said:

My subscription doesn't expire until April 2022. How am I supposed to upgrade through iTunes?

Same with me. My current "old Evernote Premium" expires in May 2022.

I think we need to find out Evernote support email address.

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