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Raise speed/responsiveness of EN10.X



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I am sorry to say this, as I have used EN form many years, but I have to agree.

I have stopped using Evernote for work in the past few months  (though I keep trying).   I use a Galaxy Android Tablet for a lot of my mobile work, and even when connected to wifi I cant effectively make notes in meetings, and suffer crashes and loss of information.

Our corporate preferred solution, OneNote, has none of these issues and works fine in the same situation, so its not about the device or connectivity.

I lost half a meetings notes on EN a week and a half ago, bur luckily was able to open OneNote and catch up.  

If it's not reliable, it's no use.  More and more I find myself using EN as a filing cabinet, but not for actually taking or creating notes.

The old Android apps used to run fine on much slower devices with less memory (one of my smartphones was a Sony Experia back in 2013 and it was lightning fast and reliable then).

I would add, I don't have the same problem with the IoS version on my iphone or with the Windows version on desktop.  The Web version is also acceptable, but Android is painful to the point of unusable.

I thought the Android app made some steps forward a few months ago, but in active use it really hasn't.

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I have a simple use-case for EN dev team to consider.

I use EN to keep my loyalty cards QRcodes, and I only have half a dozen of them.  Loading the QRcodes from their respective apps are slow and requires quite many clicks.   So I just do a screen capture and insert it into EN.

Use case:

  • I am in a shop
  • I need to show the QR code
    • I already put the note onto desktop
    • I go to the shortcut on desktop, and open it
    • it takes me at least 5 secs to load the image, reloading a preloaded note may takes less, maybe 3 secs
    • It seems like EN is not caching any of the notes, and has to reprocess for every notes load.


I used to work for Microsoft in the last decade, people used to say I am numb to hour glass slow loading :)  EN 10.x is really testing my patience.  

For this particular use-case I have switched to one-note

  1. they have a recent notes widget
  2. I can load any note in under a second.   (man, 0.5s vs 5s ... 10x perf diff)

I can't switch to One note for good because they dont have reminders.  Once they do, I will probably dump EN right away.


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2 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

You could put the cards into a specific notebook, and load this notebook for offline use. Make sure the download is done before trying to use it. If you are on a slow internet connection, better switch to flight mode to enforce the use of the offline data.

if you are responding to my 5s loading time feedback, mine are already offline.  I also tried going into flight mode, i.e. cut all connections, and it still loads in seconds, which is so disappointing.

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