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Evernote Android keeps crashing - Android 11

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Galaxy tab A, Android 11 - uninstalling and re-installing seems to work, but I've had to do this twice in the past couple weeks. Any update?  Works fine on my Galaxy phone running Android 11, seems to be just an issue with the tablet. 

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I can confirm that this - reinstalling - was needed on my devices too after installation of 10.14 and 10.15 again - maybe this was the time gap with your installations too (each updated version of EN). There is seriously something going the wrong direction. I therefore decided to once again dismiss EN10 from all devices as I need reliable access to my information on the go - using 8.13.3 since than happily.

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Same problem here with Android 11 and Samsung Galaxy S21+. The Evernote app just started crashing on startup everytime. Updates didn't help but finally got it working (for now) with reinstalling the Evernote app. 

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