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Can No Longer install an APK for a Superior (IMO) Version

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Ugh and argh, I am SO frustrated.  The newer/newest versions of EN for Android is far inferior to the 8.12.5 version, AND I can no longer install the APK for that version.  Throughout the past few years I was always able to uninstall the crappy new version and reinstall from the APK file for the 8.12.5 version that I had saved to my device for easy access.  Reinstalling from that APK always worked fine until a few days ago.  Now I get a message saying "you can't install this app on your device".  Now I'm "forced" to use EN desktop in browser.



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It shows you are trying to install an older version. The latest running legacy is 8.13.3. This version is as lightening fast as the competing apps around - not that sluggish as what Evernote has been shipping for over 8 month since 10.X as their idea of a new modern product.
You can revert and install manually by downloading the last stable (legacy) version 8.13.3 from an archive link Evernote support offered to another user (see below). After a complete sync uninstall. Restart your device, deactivate automatic updates on play store (important). Last step is to manually install the apk (you will have to allow this on android if asked). If you keep the old APK in your downloads you can easily try out new versions later and - if necessary - roll back again if the bugs still haven't gone.
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