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Windows 10 Evernote V10.19.2

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  • egs613 changed the title to Windows 10 Evernote V10.19.2
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Hmmn.  Try signing in to your account via Evernote.com just to check that there's no issues on their end.  If that works,  then it seems like a system or maybe a network access issue.  One thing you can try is to uninstall with Revo Uninstaller Free which does a complete purge of your system for all traces of an app - rather more than a standard uninstall.  Then restart / reinstall as before...

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35 minutes ago, egsnyder@gmail.com said:

Yes, I already restarted; same problem. I completely uninstalled; re-installed 10.19.2; and got the same error message:


Only issues with Evernote? Or other applications as well? 

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On the assumption you are on a Free account:

Check your EN account, tab devices.

More than 2 listed ?

Or 2, but not the one you try to use ?

Then you exceed your device limit. Unsync as much devices to get down to 2, or 1 if you connect a new one .

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13 minutes ago, egs613 said:

I'm using Evernote Premium (or whatever it is called now) for past 10+ years. 

Evernote is the only program I'm having difficulties with. Everything else seems to be fine.



Open CMD as an administrator and try:

sfc /scannow 

This validates core window files. 

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6 minutes ago, Reuven said:

Try to clear the cache of the EV app.

Should be remove when full uninstall is performed. But i could be possible it isn't deleted, cannot think of a practical use but have seen a lot of strange un- deployments

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@egs613 OK, we use the mother of all bombs:

Get yourself REVO Uninstaller, on the internet. Install it.

Use it to uninstall Evernote, check ALL files it shows to be uninstalled, to leave no trace of EN on the computer.

Restart the PC, reinstall EN. Use the direct install, from the EN website.

Start it, Log in. If it is now working, wait patiently while it runs the initial sync. If you start right away, data corruption can happen again.


The next step is to get a new PC. We have not used it up to now ...

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