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Evernote crashed

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Earlier today my Evernote crashed and I cannot even open the Application!! No. Matter. What. I. Do!

I've been a member for 6 years, and I have saved very important data that I access every day on the application,  and now I cannot even access this data! Please help!

I have version 10.14 on Android Samsung Galaxy 21.

Screenshot_20210817-004959_One UI Home.jpg

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Maybe yes - there should be a „I forgot my password“ link somewhere. They will send a mail to reset to your mail account. Hope you have access to it. I have never done it, so no experience.

In general EN is NO safe place to store passwords. Get yourself a password manager.


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You find password manager on the internet, with a little search. They not only hold passwords, but make sure as well you use good ones. Plus WiFi access data, bank accounts, credit cards, mail accounts, 2FA, etc , and a space to keep safe (strongly encrypted) notes for critical information. They are not build for comfort, they are build to keep your access data as secure as possible.

There are free ones, paid ones, business ones, personal ones etc.

Here is a little overview, no idea if this was influenced by advertising, or is a neutral evaluation (just made a little search):


Personally I use 1Password, with a family subscription. It allows to share passwords in one vault between family member, and each one has an individual vault for personal passwords.

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