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You received a chat in Evernote Email link not working


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I don't think I've seen reports of quite this issue before. Generally, they reflect a glitch in the locally held data.  So you could try these two approaches...

First Ctrl+Shift+R (not sure of the Mac equivalent Cmd+Shift+R ???) to Force a Reload of your Data

If that doesn't work then

File | Sign Out | Remove my Evernote data

Then reboot your computer and sign back into Evernote.  Your data will be rebuilt from the cloud.

If neither of these work then a complete uninstall, reinstall ensuring that all copies of the data directories are removed is the last option.

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EN had a service problem today, and communicated about it. First about having a problem, then about stopping the problem.

Staff confirmed it to be solved - so try again. You can come back here or ask support if the problem persists.

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