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how to upload notes from an other smartphone

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I have bought a new Android smartphone and have loaded Evernote App on it. I thought I could get automatically my notes created with my old smartphone but it was not the case ! Does somebody can help me ?

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Buying a new phone, then installed the Android app.

When you opened the Android app for the first time, did it ask you to log in ?

Another question: On which Plan are you ? Free or any subscription ?

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With a free account you are limited to 2 devices. If you only had 1 phone connected, this would be no problem.

If there is another device including the web client, you are at your limit already.

Go to your account settings (on a working device or at evernote.com), tab devices and unsync as many devices to get down to only 1 left. When the EN app on your old phone was fully synced with the EN server, you can unsync it as well. Forcing a sync is possible through the apps settings, synchronization.

With having 1 free device now, you can open the app on the new phone and log in. It should start downloading the notes from the server.

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