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(Archived) Evernote application - medical terms

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My chihuahua had to have his teeth cleaned and the vet ended up removing 15 of his teeth.

Along with heartworm medicine, we got an anti-biotic and pain killer medicine for the next few days.

I scanned the label for each medicine into Evernote.


1.) If Tiny Tim had repercussions from the dental work in the evening, we would have to take him to a 24-hour emergency vet. And I would have the medicine information on my cell phone.

2.) We might be moving in the next year, so I have a record of the medicine he took. I can share it with the new vet after the move.

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Wow...15!!! Poor Tim! One of ours had 7 extracted last year & the other had 4 extracted last month. (Since last year, we have much better doggie dental routine in the BNF household!)

I do a similar thing with my husband, mother & I. (The dogs don't take drugs regularly.) I also keep a scan of our insurance cards. I don't know if that would be acceptable, but I figure in an emergency, if someone didn't have their card with them, it may & it sure can't hurt to have it available.

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Yikes. That doesn't sound like much fun at all.

If you wanted to keep your personal insurance information (e.g. insurer group code, plan number, etc.) in Evernote, and were worried about the text being visible, you could also type it in and then select that text to encrypt it with a passphrase. (Or scan to a password-protected PDF.)

When I do either of these, I make sure to add enough keywords into the rest of the note so that I can find it later. E.g. the note looks like:

Blue Shield Insurance Information Evernote Group Plan


Then I know I'll probably find it in my first attempt at searching, whether I look for "blue shield" or "insurance", etc.

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