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Is PRINT PREVIEW function available in Evernote (Windows desktop ap)?



Does Evernote "Print" also include "Print PREVIEW"?  (If yes, I can't find it)

I've switched recently from Microsoft Onenote -- which DOES have a "Print PREVIEW" . . . to allow you to SEE what the printout will look like - -- BEFORE clicking "Print".

The Print Preview allows is needed (Onenote has it) -- so I can avoid WASTING PAPER and INK printing out pages -- when I have no idea what it will actually look like (line wraps, colors, etc).


Where is the  print PREVIEW in Evernote?






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Printing in the new client is - basic.

Personally I have the prior client installed side by side with v10, and use it for a few functions that are still working progress in the new client.

No problem for subscribers, maybe a problem on the Free plan due to the device limit.

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