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Help my data is not being synced

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Hi, I changed my phone android to android and I tried to open the account in the new phone but I can't find anything in my new phone

I chnaged my password in the new phone because I forgot it.. Is that maybe the cause? Please help me I'm afraid I lost my data

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You can’t loose your data, because they are saved in several data centers.

What most likely happened is a simple typo you made when logging into the account on the new phone. Instead of taking you to your data, this creates a new account - which is empty, of course.

Log out, quit the app, open it again and log in. Make dead sure you type in the correct user ID. After giving it the password (maybe the old one, because the change probably only touched the new, empty account) you should see your notes syncing from the server.

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Hi.  You will not have lost any data.

Contact https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new for support - if you have problems with that, use 'account' from the drop-down options as an issue type, or use the help/ feedback link from one of the mobile apps.

See also https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

If you're using the free service, check that you haven't exceeded the device limit. You're allowed two 'authorised' connections, but sometimes the server mistakes an existing device for a new one. More on how to check the number and de-authorise here - Understanding the device limit


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