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Searches with tasks are not working as expected



contains:taskNotCompleted tag:P1*
contains:taskNotCompleted tag:"P1 - ASAP"

If I use either search above it does not work as expected.

  • I create the note with a task action
  • I give it a P1 tag
  • It shows up in the search as expected
  • I modify the tag adding a P2 and remove the P1 tag
  • The note stays in the search no matter what I do. Somehow the P1 tag is sticking around hidden somewhere and the search is finding it. 
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Not sure...just tested it myself and can't reproduce following the steps. Search index seems to update within a few seconds.

@Tmanmickle, are you still having issues? If so, I can see if we can have somebody look at the search index for your user. 

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