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Open Evernote option to List of Notes (like Apple Notes)




Evernote came highly recommended and I gladly switched from apple notes to solve syncing issues... however as I rely on these notes daily as I work when away from my laptop - every time I open the app - I want to be able to just glance at my list of notes so I can navigate quickly to the one I need. 

Right now, when I open the app - I'm met with a huge picture welcoming me then only two "suggested notes" which are never the ones I need... not only that, but it previews what is in the notes - which is awful for privacy. This is frustrating when I'm opening the app over ten times times a day to access information and make new notes as a project manager. 

Please please give us the option to set our opening pages to be like apple notes and give a list of notes we can quickly see many in the one glance and click one to open. For those of us that use this app regularly, it's becoming emotionally painful to open the app and i'll need to look into finding an alternative app.




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If you search the forum a little, you will find a voting thread about this, as a feature request. I don’t think it is a good idea to open yet another voting thread about the same issue.

If you experiment a little, it may be possible to sort of avoid the Home Screen. Usually EN remembers where you have been when closing the app, and may return there on opening it again. 

About privacy: EN is build to be used by the owner of the account. You know under which conditions you open the app - so you can decide about the privacy in this moment. If you start with the Home dashboard, you can as well customize it to avoid information to show. Customizing is a feature of the subscription plans - if you use EN in a professional setting, IMHO you should subscribe - customizing the dashboard is only one reason for that.

In general if a computer is used by several users (especially when they don’t have their own user accounts, but even then) I would always recommend to use the web client, and not the local client. When closing the web client and maybe the browser, data used in the session will be removed (may depend on the browser and the browser settings, but with a typical security level this should work). The desktop clients all build a database on the computers drive, which can be accessed even when the account login is not known.

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