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Offline notes did not sync




I had internet connectivity issues at the office yesterday. Honestly, I was able to create new notes in my Evernote desktop app like normal for all my meetings, and use all the usual functionality (search, tags, etc), so I didn't think anything of it. When I reconnected my computer to the internet at home this morning, my notes from yesterday's (very critical) morning meeting are not there. I spent 3 hours meticulous capturing meeting minutes and actions because the meeting could not be recorded. I'm hoping these are somehow backed-up somewhere on my computer. Please please help!

Thanks in advance!

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UPDATE! I was able to find a solution and wanted to share in hopes it helps someone else out.

Though I'm still not sure why this note did not sync, I used the search function on my computer hard-drive for a specific unique phrase I remembered from the meeting and to my relief, I found a "content.enml" file buried under many layers in a hidden folder (attached screenshot shows the file path). Importing this file back into Evernote made it seem blank, but I was able to use my text editor to open it and all my notes were there in html.

PS. I do have the log (not attached here bc wasn't sure if it contained confidential details) if anyone is interested in digging into the root cause of why this did not sync properly. Unlike all the other notes folders, you'll see this file date was not modified on the same date as the snippet or quickLook.

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 9.07.25 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 9.22.17 AM.png

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Interesting report - if an internet connection is disturbed, my experience is that it is then better to go completely offline when using EN, instead of trying to operate it while the internet may be coming and going. I have this situation when on the train - I go offline, use the app, and go back online when I know that I have a good internet link for several minutes (for example when switching trains in a Station equipped with WiFi).

Beside this, we are other users here in the forum. I doubt we will or should check activity logs or something similar. If you want somebody to look into the issue, contact support about it.

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