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Restore true offline access

Ian Schwartz


Recently while on vacation, while I was offline, I discovered I couldn't open any of the links on my Android phone I had so carefully saved prior to leaving. The notes weren't even very big, just Bookmarks I had created using the Evernote Web clipper on my PC. 

I searched the help today and discovered the following on the Access notes offline help page:

Full contents of a note are available from a mobile device if:

  • A note was originally created on that mobile device
  • Your device is connected to the Internet
  • You've recently viewed a note
  • You've set up offline notebooks on that device (paid subscription only)

Please restore the previous functionality that did not require me to have viewed a note while on-line. 


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It is sufficient to have the notebooks downloaded for offline use. If the download has completed (!), there is no need for any further steps. It does not play a role where a note was created, it does not play a role whether you have ever viewed it before.

All the further positions are only relevant if you don’t have offline notebooks activated. Offline notebooks depend on a subscription.

To use the offline content, you must be logged into your client while online. You can close the client and shut the device off - just do not log out of your EN account before doing so.

A full download of offline content can take quite a while. I have described in several posts how to do it, you can search for the routine. You can check the download status per notebook  in the mobile clients settings, notebooks, offline notebooks or in the notebook view.

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