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Lost all data after deleting Apps accidentally



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You can delete all apps, and your data will still be on the server (exception: Old desktop clients, there data in local notebooks can be lost).

Use whatever client you want to use, and log in.

Now this is IMPORTANT: Make sure you use the correct user name ! One little mistake, and instead of going to your own account, you create accidentally a new one - which will be empty.

If you have no client available, you can go to evernote.com, and login there.

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10 hours ago, SandraChan said:

As mentioned, I lost all data after deleting Apps accidentally.

Evernote is a cloud service with the master copy of our data stored on the servers    
Deleting apps on a device has no impact to the data on the server   
To access your data on the server, log in on the web at www.evernote.com

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What you see in the apps is only a mirror of what you have on the server. The app hold no own data locally, they sync everything with the server.

If you have more than one account, you see in the app the content of the server account to which you have connected the app. You can see the account when you open the account settings on mobile, on desktop the account show top left.

It is not really advisable to have more than one account (unless you are on EN teams, where a business account holds the company data and your own Personal account your private stuff).

If you created a second account by accident, you better close it as long as it is empty.


If it is not empty, you can merge the content of 2 accounts.


If I were you, I would clean out this mess, before you loose oversight and control about what information is where.


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