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For several reasons I work with one local notebook with Legacy. 
Sometimes I look what is new in Evernote 10 and found in the menu "check for local notebooks"

Ok done, and much to my surprise there is shown my local notebook but

in Legacy it is empty

in Evernote 10 there are 119 notes




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Evernote 10 DOES NOT support local notebooks.  The process you follow when you 'check for local notebooks' is to find them and move them to an 'online' notebook.  The check is to locate and move the local into the cloud so that the data you have locally in Legacy can remain accessible in version 10 which is cloud based only.

Your only option to work with local notebooks is to stick with the legacy application. THat is with us for the time being but isn't going to be improved and may be withdrawn at some point in the future.

If you require local notebooks then you may, eventually, have to find an alternative product or move into the cloud.

BTW - this is the Android sub-forum but the topic relates to desktop apps.

THere is an offline option for Android but the original notes are still stored in the cloud.

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I know that Evernote 10 does not support local notebooks, but the check for local notebooks says that there is a local notobook with 119 notes. But the local notebook in legacy is empty.

Why show the check with Evernote 10  119 notes of in an empty notebook.





copy of legacy.png

copy of Evernote 10.png

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