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Can't create a new Tag while sharing a note to Evernote on Android

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Am I correct, that there is no easy way to add a new tag while sharing a note to Evernote in Android (exp. same on iPad also)? The only option EN gives me is to choose an existing tag.

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If the note is shared by you to somebody else, you can add tags, no problem.

If the note is shared to you by somebody else, the general rule is that you only can add tags that already exist in the shared notebook. These tags must be added by the owner of the notebook, the person who owns the share.

If your problem does not follow this scheme, contact support if possible.

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No, in this dialogue you can only add existing tags to the clipped content, no new one.

If you want to tag them later, it helps if you have a specific tag like „TaggingOpen“ to apply it to the new note. This makes it easier later to search / filter for notes that don’t have the correct tags yet.

Create and apply the new tag, then delete the „TaggingOpen“ tag. By searching for the special tag, you can find all notes that need attention.

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